Affordable film and wine gathering in Shanghai

‘If you have kick-ass wine, why the hell aren’t you drinking it?’ Asked self-described wine lover, Patti McAlpine’, after the screening of 2016 documentary ‘Sour Grapes’, on Thursday October 4, at Brut Eatery (Zhaojiabang Lu Outlet). Organised by bottlesXO, the event was attended by an audience of 25 members.

Over glasses of complimentary wine, the audience got to follow, what is described by the organizers as, ‘one of the world’s biggest ever wine scams’.

‘Sour Grapes’ recounts the tale of Indonesian wine collector, Rudy Kurniawan, who charmed his way into American wine collector circles with his phenomenal wine palette and wine collection.

Over time, Rudy started flooding auctions with forged bottles of vintage Domaine Ponsot Clos Saint-Denis.

When caught out, all located forged bottles, still containing drinkable wine, were destroyed.

McAlpine was not the only member expressing their discomfort with the destruction of Rudy’s counterfeit wine. Some attendees even felt sympathetic towards Rudy.

One member, wishing to remain anonymous, remarked that ‘Rudy exposed the system for what it is: Wine collectors not even enjoying wine and being wasteful’.

At this event however, not a single drop of alcohol went to waste. In fact, the very last bottles of wine were given to the remaining audience members to finish up.

According to Marketing and Events Intern Alexandria Petre, BottlesXO regularly hosts wine themed film screenings around Shanghai. She ascribes the popularity of these events to the lack of gatherings ‘where you can drink good wine at an affordable price and enjoy a film’. At this event, for an entrance fee of 60 RMB, attendees got a light meal and one free glass of wine.

Petre urges wine and film enthusiasts to sign up in advance for events. ‘We typically have to cap (events) at 25 because venues available aren’t large enough to accommodate more…’

For information on future events, you can follow BottlesXO on WeChat.


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